About Shopmonk

Shopmonk is an ecommerce company that aims to be the best price and high quality online store selling electronic products from best brands across the globe to its consumers.

Shopmonk was founded by business veterans who've been in the business of selling electronics from global brands for over 20 years and is backed by Accel Partners, the VC firm behind some of the best e-commerce success stories across the world, to help bring this ambitious vision to life. Though young, Shopmonk has been able to secure a place in the global market as an ecommerce retailer. Shopmonk has been the topic of discussion on major community forums for its great prices and good deals.

Shopmonk is supported by a global distribution network across 17 countries and exports to over 75 countries. Shopmonk as a company, catering to needs of its customers and is committed to bringing the best brands at great prices, delivered right at your doorstep.

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